Saturday, March 31, 2012

CrOp-tical Illusion

David Peck is one designer that may have officially won over my heart. Not only am I attracted to the fact that he is a male designer with exceptional taste, but the looks featured in his 2012 collection CrOp have me head-over-heels.
When I see the mute pastels combined with shades of primaries in just the right proportions, I can’t help but envision a look that exudes Cape Cod comfort mixed with that of Hampton edict and formality.

Somewhat preppy, CrOp is the definition of the new age country club classics like pencil skirts and pleats alongside collared button downs and cardigans to match. If you’re not a fan of more conservative looks, you won’t have the same love for this retro-inspired collection with modern structures and design. I personally would love to sip lemonade porch-side on a warm summer day in any one of David Peck’s tweed jumpers or high waited trouser suits. With a line skirts replicating that of a 50’s housewife and peplum sweetheart corsets, I obediently follow every phase of his look book, piece by piece. 

Not only are the blouses structured to move and shift with your body, but the dresses from daywear to nighttime attire are draped and pleated to absolute perfection. The fluidity of this collection embodies everything that is modern day prep-ster.

I must admit, I’m a lover of a pressed polo and a nice pair of penny loafers, but David Peck’s CrOp collection is no in no comparison to what you’ve gown up in. You’ll be amazed at the clean-cut classics that CrOp has re-invented for Spring/Summer 2012

Friday, March 30, 2012

Knot Cool

One of my favorite pre-summer trends is vintage-inspired and has me all tied up....literally. At first sight, I can't help but think back to the 1970's style of Sandy in Grease, but tie front blouses have turned a mi newt   fashion alteration into a major trend. As they did in the 70's, adding a touch of promiscuity to good-girl looks, button down tie tops are innocent pieces for a knot so cool look that is Hot Hot Hot!

Etsy is one of my favorite sites for exploring DYI projects and tie tops are pretty much as simple as it gets. You can turn that old button down top you've worn in every way possible and transform it into a whole new piece fit for an easy going style on a sunny summer day. This look is definitely for a casual, laid-back outfit bursting with personality and fun. 

When searching for tops that were unique in style and distinguishable from the typical sheer crop tops I've seen so many of, one site caught my eye in an unexpected way. With a genuinely classic style, Nasty Gal was the last place I though I would find myself. 

Pleasantly surprised by the indie-inspired, relaxed and vintage-like look, I've found the a sure fit for my pre-summer favorites. No matter how you tie it, cropped blouses with a little flare are Sooooooo Knot Cool.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Young and The Resilient: Making a Mark on Fashion

I have a deep appreciation for self-motivated young designers who find success with own visions and inspirations for style. As a learn more and more about the front-runners like Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent and Hermes, I've began to recognize the influence new designers are having on fashion as well.

Stylist, designer and increasing well-known and respect, Andrea Lieberman has established herself through her experiences and now contributions to 21st century style. Her collection of modern and daringly simplistic basics for Fall 2012 is full of potential and guaranteed to elevate the beautiful, radiance, picture perfect image that is A.L.C.

I'm obsessed with her obvious constancy of patterns and undeniably clean-cut look. She describes her collection as perfectly engineered basics and I couldn't think of a more appropriate portrayal of the styles apparent in A.L.C. Not only does Andrea Lieberman's collection embody everyday simplicity that is refined and distinguishable, but her ability to brings elements of real life and the high life of fashion affirms my understanding of her abilities as a new designer.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Fur Favorites

Throughout the day, with my obsessive people watching fetish, I came across two separate fur pieces that are making me regret my decision to pack up all things winter related in exchange for a more spring appropriate ensemble. Obviously with the haphazard unsuitability of Michigan weather, I've realized this was a horrible decision on my part.

Since my favorite fur and wool lined vests are officially packed away along with my fur hooded jackets and anything animal-like in the warmth department, I'm left only to admire those around me who didn't fall trap to the early spring weather and who weren't naive enough to get swept away by one warm week in late May the way I did.......what a shame.

In hopes to easing my broken dreams of continued short-worthy weather, I've resorted to reminiscing on some of my favorite fur pieces from fall/winter.

What better trio of optimal fur apparel: the fur vest, the fur cropped jacket and the fur lined hood with matching fur trench. Sure, it may be a little late in the season to go full out with heavy animal furs, but when conditions call for a little extra fluff to keep you cozy, nothing is more chic and contemporary than a fur (or faux-fur).

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Child's Play

As an adventurous, energetic, playful kid I spent my summer days running around, dressing up and creating a world of my own to explore. Wearing something that was comfortable and durable for wherever my day took me was crucial. I was never seen in frilly dresses with bows and ruffles. No, I need clothes that could withstand the playground jungle gym and last through hours of nonstop fun. I may not have had the same style sense I do now, but one thing was for sure, I found the look that is relevant for the active child and adult alike. Rompers, jumpers, overalls and one piece suits are inspired by the flexible looks of a child that will have you reminiscing on your days as a kid.

You could find me in my favorite pair of jean overalls any day of the week and now some of these same playtime looks I wore as a kid have taken on a grown up look. Rompers are not only extremely easy to wear, but they will carry you long into the day wether your swinging on monkey bars or juggling the many tasks thrown your way. Jump suits that were once thought to be casual and laid back, but new styles in silk, chiffon and more structured lining bring maturity and sophistication to one piece attire. Some of my favorite rompers turn child's play into adult-worth style with typical components like denim, youthful patterns and classic clean cut colors. has a overwhelming selection of all the childish looks that are all grown up and to wear for work or play. Some of my favorites include this light wash denim romper by Adriano Goldschmied, a tropical paradise printed button down pant suit by Thakoon Addiction and this simplistic fresh cream chiffon belted blouse and psuedo-separate short combo by Dolce Vita. These and MANY more are all available on Find your inner child and play with looks from your past that will have you feeling young at heart.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

True Blues

Fashion styles fade in and out and so do the washes of denim. Each wash has an occasion. With cut-offs and crops being a sure summer hit, all you need to do is find the right shade of your favorites blues to make denim shorts right for any look. From the darkest navy to shocking white, I've found my favorites of each style.
White Out
It seems that crochet and eyelet shorts are gaining popularity this summer and finding a uniquely designed linen or crochet material makes all the difference. These Minkpink shorts stand out not only because of their bold white color but because of the detailed eye-like trim. The geometric netted design is just right for a color block blouse or cropped tee.

Relaxed and Right Way
Distressed denim is super casual and gives a laid back feel. A demon wash that's intensely faded compliments a look that is relaxed and effortless. On a weekend trip with friends or a warm summer afternoon, pair light wash denim with an equally distressed tank. Urban Renewal has shorts and tops with a vintage inspired feel. 

Mixed Emotions
 Experimenting with bleaching your own denim is tricky but when it's done right you can create your very own denim look that's faded to perfection. If you're hesitant about a DIY project, BDG has an amazing pair of high rise cut-off that can diversify your style. Take a risk with this nontraditional jean wash and take your look somewhere it hasn't been before with a graphic tee or equally outrageous bandeau top. 

Not So Baby Blue
Jeans have been stereotyped as casual and unprofessional, even on Fridays but not all denim is created equal! A fitted trouser in a consistent dark wash can help you establish a well-respected warm whether outfit. Having pleats or cuffed hems give your shorts a definite structure. Tucked into a light-weight button down or a basic v-neck, a pair of trouser shorts like these by Sparkle and Fade well definitely set the right mood. Feeling blue doesn't have to be a bad thing.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

When I Grow Up

I'm beginning to establish figures in fashion in which I look up to for their achievements, beliefs, contributions and attitudes. One of my new favorite designers is not only a women who has established her own clothing line and company as well as worked her way to the top of the fashion world, but is also a truly beautiful person from the inside out.
Rachel Roy is a self-proclaimed designer who's past in fashion and styling reflects that of mine and what I desire to achieve. Having a love of fashion from the start, I admire her self confidence and integrity to create an authentic and meaningful brand true to her beliefs. I'm inspired by the strength and success she has had with fashion in a way that some other wouldn't dare attempt.
Anything but a hot-headed, ego-tripping fashion icon, Rachel Roy has a down-to-earth attitude that embodies her clothing line to the tee (literally). With intentions to style the modern women and all her day's challenges, she has also successfully reached a younger generation with her Rachel by Rachel Roy collection. Her diversity and versatility to fulfill the needs of every woman shows how her love of fashion and style is more than skin deep.

Women like Rachel Roy are what I consider to be real beauty. She is not only amazing composed, elegant, and naturally beautiful, but her well-roundedness from looks to personality and morals is desirable without being unattainable. I could only hope to become even the smallest bit like Rachel Roy and the fashion empire she has created through her own hard work and dedication to the things she loves. As a role model to me and a fashion icon in my eyes, I look to Rachel Roy for reassurance that my dreams are achievable. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Color Treatment

Our mood, emotion, orientation and direction changes continuously throughout the day. So should our look. Transitioning your style as you move about your day from your morning tea to a lunch in the park and all the way to dinner and drinks, treating your clothes like you treat your daily calendar is structurally  savvy. When you're agenda gets hectic, your look so be anything but.

I've been inspired by the newest spring pastels at Zara to create a status shifting look that uses slight fluxes in pieces to move you along your day wherever it takes you. With neutrals and pastels being subtly contrasting yet uniformly compatible, you can experiment with several color combinations and establish an entirely new look with each of your day's encounters.
The pleated full-length skirt is my prized possession this season. In a blush-toned peach off-set with an embroidered cream tee the textural element of each are complimented. Belting a full-length look like this can keep you from looking shapeless. 

There is nothing I love more than strolling the streets on a sunny afternoon. Finding a few spare minute...or hours, to browse your favorite boutique, grab an espresso at your local cafe, or take a stroll through the park, a look that represents your moment of release from the day's stressors should radiate your refreshed feel. Tailored shorts and sandals with stability show your inner strength.

Finish the day with a bang! Using an accent color that is less than typical will have you looking anything but. A fitted skirt with a dynamic pattern can be balanced by accessories in one of the colors pulled from within the design. Pick a color that is less then noticeable at first, gives your look a deeper dimension.

Sticking to solid color categories like pastels, neutrals and basics is a guaranteed way to transition your style through the day. Mixing brands and designers is never out of the question but Zara is my one stop shop for giving my ever-changing day a solid and consistent color treatment. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In Full Bloom

What better place to be on a day when the sun is shinning, the clouds are limited and temperatures are inching towards the spring-like conditions than in the tropical, paradise oasis of the Botanical Gardens. With glass walls allowing maximum sun exposure and high ceilings inducing a truly open environment feel, I find my self transported to the most exotic and organically beautiful place on Earth.

Classic casual is my favorite Spring look. I prefer to look structurally composed yet exude a comfortable and effortless vibe. J Crew is my favorite place for essential pieces like button up and trousers. My camel skin colored jumper and creamy linen collared top are snitched with a thin leather belt, all from J Crew. A informal blazer with elbow patches from H&M along with simple salmon colored flats with a braided texture give my look balance. Of course, I go no where without my classic Ray-Ban warfares. Though I was inside, the temperatures and sun beams could have fooled anyone.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

D&G goes GLAM

Who says you have to be self conscious if you're wearing a one-piece bathing suit? Beach side or pool bar side, I noticed last summer the one-piece was resurfacing. As a trend from the 60's with boostier-like under wire and sweat-heart shaped strapless necklines, bathing suits that were less than risque made quiet an impression.
The moment I saw Dolce and Gabbana's Spring collection of embellished bathing suits, I knew that this summer, I want to strut the shoreline in a one piece that sparkles and shines like the hot August sun. Every single look, from the detailed floral patterns to the sleek yet over the top black and gold tasseled gems, D&G has changed the image of the one-piece forever! Here are some of my favorites:

Monday, March 12, 2012

Lights! Cameras! Illuminations!

Being a new member to the SHEI Magazine Fashion Team, I was extremely excited when I was chosen to collaborate on a shoot concept with a fellow SHEI member. Working together on the shoot which dramatic lighting, spot light filters and reflective mirrors at every angle, the "Illuminations" shoot was anything but dull.

Working in a small dance studio at one of the University residence halls was ideal. With natural light streaming through the windows, the intensity of each look was highlighted. With two contrasting models, their looks followed a similar pattern, transitioning from day to night.

After working on several shoots this year, the Spring/Summer issue of SHEI Magazine is soon to be launch! I'm waiting eagerly to the photos from each shoot come to print. Having co-directed a shoot of my own, my anticipation for this issue is literally overwhelming. No matter how off schedule a shoot becomes, no matter how many last minute problems arise on set, and no matter how much time and dedication is needed, the feeling after completing a shoot with such indescribable success is the reason why my life is "illuminated" by the world of fashion

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Giving Back, Getting More

Working with SHEI Magazine, I've learned just how much goes into operating and successfully producing a magazine as well as maintaining a brand when you're a student run organizations. SHEI is nothing short of dedicated to their work and love of fashion, but the recognition and appreciation does not always follow after noteworthy accomplishments are made, big or small. No matter how newly developed a brand is, or how prestige their background has become, the spotlight must not always be directed at the organization itself, even when dealing with photo shoots and runway shows.

There are many ways to expand a clothing line, designer image or photographer's portfolio besides direct self-advertisement. Working in partnership with charitable organizations or companies for a cause not only shows the compassion and full-heartedness of your own name in fashion, but along comes even more distinguishing benefits through the effects of helping others. Bringing attention to the less apparent elements of style and fashion through charity is what SHEI magazine was striving for with this year's Charity Fashion Show.

In partnership with a local philanthropic fraternity, SHEI hosted a night of lively style that was literally emerging from the models as they strolled down the runway, bringing awareness to domestic abuse and and raising money for a local women's shelter. With a theme of "rebirth" the make-up and life-like floral pieces brought attention to more than the plain white tanks worn by the models reading, "not a wife beater".  With an outstretching runway, bursting with flower arrangements and guests alike, a sense of all-around appreciation filled the upper level of Sava's in downtown Ann Arbor.

A full house is less than accurate to describe the ever-growing collection of students, community members and locals out to support charity and SHEI magazine. Several members of the executive board as well as the fashion and PR team were among the many at the show. After a night of preparation, organization and a few small complications, SHEI Magazine received an abundance of return for both the magazine and charity.

The power of fashion has developed from more than just "the look" itself. Like the floral theme of the show and what we have all learned from Mother Earth, it takes many elements (water, sun, energy, love) to grow into something great. I'm am seeing now that success in this seasonal, every evolving and truly self developed industry can come in many ways, you just have to plant yourself in the right place and allow time for the perfect opportunity to come into full bloom.
  With a refreshing look, blazers and bright colors were popping up all over Sava's. With my floral jacket   duplicating the show's theme, and the attention grabbing aesthetic of her red vintage inspired top with flaring denim, fashion director for SHEI, Lisa Wang and I pose for a quick shot after the show.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring isn't just filled with lively colors, fresh styles and bright clothing. With warmer weather approaching and spring trends budding up all over, shoes are emerging as well and designer Nicholas Kirkwood is branching out to the US with his strikingly bold Spring/Summer collection for 2012. With the first retail store coming to New York, we will soon be able to experience the creativity and self expression of Nicholas' assortment of heels, wedges and platforms that make every shoe-a-holic's fantasy come true. Here are some of my favorites, though the full collection consists of pieces each impactful and sole-ful to say the least.
Features in Marie Claire's March issue, this sketch floral stilettos combine a simplistic design with a pop of color. The rosy heel is my favorite part. It provides a solid base with minimal distraction. 

Not only am a lover of wedges, but the intricate "button-like" and assortment of colors embodies a fun and somewhat funky spring style. I would love to pair these wedges with a matching aqua trouser short and a statement-making necklace to create a larger than life look. 

With loafers becoming the new ballerina flat, the oddly clashing combination of teal and blood orange instantly caught my eye. Anyone can wear a simple black flat, but walking the streets with a pair of suede loafers in spring time hues add brilliance to a casual afternoon outing.  

There isn't much I can say to describe these heels besides AMAZING. They speak for themself as a piece that is sure to make a memorable spring collection. With the antique-like baby blue print and fearless tasstled ankle band, you'll be unstoppably fabulous. These shoe were made for walking, and taking your spring style to a whole new level. 

Monday, March 5, 2012


ATTENTION: If you haven't heard of designer, artist, and up and coming fashion figure, Massimo Giorgetti or the launch of his clothing collection MSGM in partnership with Paoloni Group since 2008, you MUST take a look at his latest Summer 2012 assortment of lively floral, outspoken prints and colors, and unexpected, feel-good clothing that will have you ready to rock. His talent, taste and genuine style is incorporated in MSGM to embody his vision of authentic fashion. You'll find yourself begging for more once you see what phenomenal pieces and artistic combinations are present in this one of a kind brand that is creating its own meaning of personal style.
See the full Summer 2012 collection at 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Summer's Number One

ChloĆ© is quickly becoming one of my favorite designers. With a ready to wear summer collection that is focused on silk embroidery, pleated floor length skirts and shifts, and a neutral color palette with touches of rich coral and warm burgundy easily makes this one of the most functional collections I've seen for summer 2012. There is not a piece in the collection that I would not wear. Here are some of my favorites (though it was hard narrow it down)

I have a weakness for eyelet patterns and fresh white linen. The refreshing aqua silk trousers glide effortlessly with the structure of the blouse.  

Blazers are definitely my jacket of choice this summer because of their adaptability for several occasions. classic khaki cuffed shorts are off set by a layered stitching on the blouse and untypical cut on the jacket. 

Not only is this lambskin belt a perfect piece of hardware for a well-organized look, but it also acts as a point of stability for the billowing looseness of the chiffon-like blouse. Stripes both vertical and horizontal were a major part of the collection that created alignment within each piece. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Not far from Home

Since I spent the second half of my Spring break at home, I felt as though I deserved to bring back a souvenir from my travels, whether it was a get-a-way destination or my local shopping complex. What better way to end a week of vacation than with a little something special to tide you over until your next chance to escape. As I start to configure my spring wardrobe, I've found a few pieces that don't fit the typical florals and bright colors of the season, but mimic a light air feel with delicate fabrics and weightless materials.
BKE Boutique is not a brand I usually shop, but this chiffon caftan with beaded trim caught my eye. I'm a fan of blouses that are free flowing and move with your body and the embellishment detail creates a more lavish look.  

I've fallen for fringe! Vests have been my go-to piece this winter and this beige crochet vest is perfect for layering with an urban look. I can't wait to embrace my hippie-gypsy side with a pair of cut-off blue jean shorts and a tons of hand crafted bangles. The descending fringe hem on this Daytrip vest had me hooked. 

One item that was on my list was lace shorts and as soon as I found these I knew I MUST have them! The delicate black lace with a rose colored silk slip and trim adds romance and femininity. With an elastic waist band, these trouser shorts will part perfectly with a tucked in silk top. 
As a somewhat splurge on my shopping trip, I could help but add to my collection of watches and wristbands with this minimalistic white leather watch by Fossil. The enlarged face and thin band has an unexpected balance. I love touch the rose gold mixed with classic silver.  

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