Thursday, April 26, 2012

Inspired by.

Okay, so they may have gotten their start on reality TV and whether you don't believe that Laguna Beach is a real place, or you think that working for Kelly Cutron in New York City is a job only obtainable by the lucky few, Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port have become associate with a different category of reality in the world of fashion and self branding.


I'll admit, I was an obsessed followers of "The Hills" and "The City". I admired the hollywood glamorization of young females taking on the world of style and dreamed of the thrilling, inspiring and privileged life of a fashion intern. I'll always defend my love for both LC and Whitney no matter how much they are bashed or criticized for their self proclaimed success.

"Paper Crown" by Lauren Conrad and "Whitney Eve" by Whitney port  inspire my vision of style perfection. The looks, style, feel and meaning behind each designer's collection coincides with the elements of fashion that I strive for. The pure, thoughtful, dainty and clean components make for looks that are quietly outspoken. With my classic style, I find special attraction to the pieces that are simplistically exquisite with detailed stitching, undeniable color combinations and layering and draping that make all the difference.

Some of my favorite pieces include mute tones, modest framing and a contemporary style that is wearable and anything but stuffy. Each has a sense of youthfulness and beauty that exudes the feeling of happiness and bliss. LC and Whitney are role models of women who have not only branded themselves, but created their visions of style into a brand of its own. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Made with Love

First day of my official summer and I'm already busy with new projects. Done with homework and on to funwork. This summer I'm feeling extra crafty and extra ambitious to make, create, design and construct things. What things? ANYTHING! Home-made doesn't mean the cute picture you drew your mom in art class or the knitted basket you learned to make in the 4th grade. Last summer I attempted to make a few of my own pieces (a bathing suit, shirt and shorts) and let me just say, this summer, I'm steppin' it up and attempting to make some solid handy-crafts that are not a stitch short of perfection.

With an entire list of projects and ideas for the summer, I'm taking a new appreciation for the unique, the individuals, and the TLC that should be put into making one-of-kind awesomeness. Anyone can buy a dress, but making one is even better! You can decorate your apartment straight out of an Urban Outfitters mag, but doing a little dumpster diving can land you some sturdy hardware. Buying the newest, coolest, or trendiest items may be all the rage, but I take pride in making (and often wearing) the things I've crafted myself.

Seeing how jammed pack my summer is already becoming, its essential to keep myself organized. Before I can get into any crazy crafts, I need to organize my life and keep track of everything going on. With an agenda book, iPhone check-list and enough sticky note reminders to fill a room, I was looking for a wall calendar that was unlike the typical cute puppy or hunky model ones you can buy at Meijer. I've used manilla folders, magazine clippings and other mandatory materials like glue, scissors and patients to make calendars the home-made way. With quite a few months to go, I've gotten a first couple done so I can begin to map out what the next few months have in store.

Whether you're creative or not and weather you can be trusted with a sewing machine or a pair of scissors, get crafty, get creative and get kid-ish with home-made crafts this summer!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Shady Business

Despite the raunchy, provocative, and undeniably sexual explicitness of Tom Ford's advertising campaign, you have to admit that if the ad doesn't tingle your senses, his eye wear surely will. I adore the 50's inspired frames with vintages shapes and classic design portrayed in an anything but classic style.

This summer I'll be flaunting my triangular cat-eye frames similar to those of Tom Ford, yet my overall look will consist of a bit more clothing a lot less scandalous behavior. Tom Ford's sunglasses campaign may be rated R but the overall look is nothing less of an A+.

Viewer discretion advised: If you can't handle the heat, get in the shade because these glasses are steamy!

Some of my favorite frames have original shapes and colors but combined with the sex appeal and risque behavior associated with this collection, whatever pair I choose will come along with a sense of naughty behavior and innocent scandal.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Earth, Wind and Fire

As Earth week comes to an end, I'm feeling a little guilty for not acknowledging our dear Mother Earth and all her glorious gifts, not to mention that without all her wonders, we would not be here today. So in honor of Earth Week and Mother Earth herself, I've put together a world-wind of a look, because I KNOW that no matter how eco-friendly she may claim to be, there is a fashion diva deep within her core.

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Yeah, yeah yeah, we know the rules. Who says that reused materials in clothing, or post-consumed plastics, paper and other landfill-bound materials that are turned into ready to wear pieces HAVE to be either hemp, colored in "earth tones" or have a picture of the globe on it? I'm reinterpreting the term "eco-friendly" by using the basic elements of life through a new lens.

You can show your appreciation for Mother Earth and your love for this wonderful planet we will on by displaying your environmental know-how in a fashionable way fresh new way. Take in consideration the dynamics Earth, Wind and Fire to express the wonders of the world that bring together not only life, but the techniques behind design, style and the elements of beauty.
Earth: Sand and silk toned leather mini skirt by Vince
Grounded wooden wedges with the ultimate curvature by Badgley Mischka

Wind: Flowing printed tunic in deep blues and aqua from Pim + Larkin
Neon should bag to light the night - Jitney

Fire: A mountain of melted gold statement necklace from H&M
Simple gold bangles to add heat by Kate Spade

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Sacred Bookshelf

After doing an intensive closet clean-out, a detailed wardrobe evaluation, and a complete re-organization of everything from my handbags to my hand-me-downs, nothing makes me feel more accomplished or satisfied than a perfectly color coordinated walk-in and seeing my collection of all my favorite pieces perfectly placed on shelves, hangers, racks and in dressers.

Even after my massive purge of clothing that was either old, ugly or un-worn, I somehow managed to still not have enough space for the most important thing of all: shoes! With limited options and locations, (seeing there was no other space available in the house where my excess clothes have not already taken over) it occurred to me, like some fashion epiphany the most perfect place to display my heels, wedges, boots, flats and plethora of other footwear I've acquired over the years. 

After spending hours boxing up old photo albums, children's books, and miscellaneous other goodies, I stood in front of what would become my shrine of shoes. With a 5 story book shelf empty and an ocean of shoes swallowing up my room, I went to business. 

Only in my dreams, or through the lives of celebrities and stylists have I ever seen racks upon racks or even entire rooms dedicated solely to shoes (no pun intended). However, my small built-in bookshelf has become my very own sacred space to admire all of my favorite pairs. To point out, I was still limited to only a select number of shoes that would comfortable fit on the shelves and was force to store away several others, but just seeing the rows, neatly lined one after another was satisfaction enough. 

I believe that more people should create "sanctuaries" in their rooms or homes for the things they admire the most. While it may not be shoes or clothes, displaying items, pictures, art or memories that you are most proud of can make any space sacred. The simple pride and joy that comes out of what I'm calling my "sacred bookshelf" inspires me to always dress, style and look my very best. 

My favorite pair of shoes (at the moment) would have to be my Steven Madden Luxe chocolate leather eyelet peep-toe heels. They are definition of the perfect summer heel. The dark color and zipper back are basic but the comfort is extraordinary! Despite the height, I could walk in these all day!

I'm also obsessed with a pair of ankle-rise vintage steal toed cowboy boots I picked up a few summers ago at Salvation Army. I'm not ready to give up boots yet but even with warmer weather I can totally rock these babies with a fun skirt or even jean shorts without looking to "home on the range". 

Monday, April 16, 2012


The past two weeks, my life has been consumed with model casting, venue preparation, wardrobe collection, look styling, emailing, calling, meeting, collaborating, brainstorming, developing and creating. Every second was spend entirely immersed in a world of fashion. Seeing the final show, watching the last model exit the runway, and FINALLY getting my hands on the Spring/Summer 2012 issue of SHEI Magazine made my experience assisting on SHEIfest one that I will cherish and remember for the rest of my life in this fast pace, unpredictable and amazingly successful industry.

Working with my co-assistant Sofia Pinkkasova along side fashion editors Eamonn Wright and Lisa Wang, it became apparent how perfectly and efficiently we were as a team. With all of our ambitions, inspirations and desires to create a memorable show, we came together as one hell of a group. Spending more time in the past two weeks with those three than with friends, family, studies or reality, I wouldn't take back a second of it.

When I finally have a moment to stop and reflect on this entire experience, it's clear; the show was a success, the models were a success, the magazine IS a success and my dreams of a life in fashion will ultimate turn into success due to my involvement with SHEI.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Look Twice

As more and more events are coming up, I'm looking for ways transform a basic dress and do and innocent "re-wear". Turning to accessories, I can re-vamp, re-do and re-design a dress to create a totally new look. With stunningly unmistakeable pieces, others will be too distracted to notice that beneath you statement necklace or shoulder grazing dangle earrings is that same basic, reliable dress you wore a month or two ago. Actions speak louder than words, and when re-wearing a piece accessories do the same. 

The jewelry collection by Dannijo is definitely an upgrade from your old braided friendship bracelets, a 2.0 version of you simple gold cuffs and will out-shine, out-sparkle and out-do any "statement" your old necklaces were trying to make. The disordered structure and emphasis on gems and jewels make each piece uniquely exquisite! 

These are some of my FAVS that would without a doubt make the dress I wore last month, an instant upgrade.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

World Traveler

I've crossed waters and made the leap over to Europe to discover yet another iconic designer. You may know Antik Batik for the ethnic flares, detailed embroidery, handcrafted appeal and bohemian flavor.  Festival inspired color combinations flourish by bringing life to every kaftan, poncho and gown. I want to go on a far off adventure into the unknown when I see the instantly admirable collection from Antik Batik. Every piece embodies the authenticity behind world-winds of life that is fashion.

Let yourself be swept away and invasion the scene, the smells, the style, and the life that each one of these pieces is made for. Travel to a foreign place as you let your look speak for itself. I can play pretend all I want because maybe some day, one of these amazing Antik Batik dresses will find its way to me.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Step-by-Step Style with Rachel Comey

I'm like a teenage girl who obsesses over her favorite boy band or latest teen heart throb. When I find a new designer I instantly fall and love and may even let out a high picked squeal or two. What can I say, when you know you know and destiny is real because I'm madly, deeply, full-heartedly in love with Rachel Comey and her men's wear originated line that has a downtown cool kid feel with a hint of modern hipster.

After ravenously scanning piece by piece of her Spring 2012 collection, in honor of the upcoming holiday weekend and ode to this spring hot trend of pastels, I've created my dream look that I can only hope to one day fulfill. If you combine the feeling of having the best hair day in your lifetime, with the thrill of finding the last size of a clearance sale blow-out, you would need to times that by at least a zillion to match the admiration and obsession I have with Rachel Comey and her love-at-first site collection.

A few added accessories from ASOS and an amazing gold bracelet by Bounkit to top off my dream look. Rachel Comey, if you're out there, I'm your biggest fan! 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Modesty is the Best Policy

When I think of mod three things come to mind: Androgyny, Simplicity, and Twiggy. 
Lately apparel not limited to one style/sex has been appealing to me, i.e. I've become fond of trouser shorts, collared button ups and minis that bring about promiscuity in the most subtle and modest way. Being a woman does not mean showing cleavage, flaunting your curves or stabling around in heels. I feel just as empowered if not more wearing a box-cut shift dress with flats, a well pressed linen top-coat, or a Secretariat like skirt that does infect reaches farther than finger length on thighs.

The smallest details, the fuchsia lip, the over sized pearls, the diamond wrist watch, and even the spritz of perfume, creates an essence of beauty and womanhood that accelerates the meaning behind whatever style clothing I choose to pair with it. Not just complimenting, but creating a look as a woman is something I've approach with a modest mindsets.

Erin Fetherson became a much more familiar name after her collaboration and clothing line launch as Target in the Summer of 2011, but being a fan of her aesthetic approach to fashion, I've found her Spring 2012 RTW collection to be inspiring and exemplifying of a simplistic look that hits every faucet associates with mod.

Clean cuts, tailors pants, minimal design and a transitional take on 1960's British fashion, Erin Fetherston's collection brings the ideal elements of modest attire into the realm of sophisticated chic with a flirtatious punch. 

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