Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Goodbye Summer, Hello City

The shores of Lake Michigan have been good to me. I've spent my time on the coast and now I'm headed inland. Headed to the Big Apple for a summer in the city working with Styleowner as an intern. It's my first time away from the beach but I have no doubt that NY will treat me well. A tad change in view, but the sun's still shining and I'll be soaking up everything the city has to offer this summer.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Juicy Contradiction

Delayed flights are a major downer but extra time for my daily dose of fashion is a perk.
I've never wanted to not match more in my life after seeing these fab outfits in the June issues of Bizarre, Marie Claire and Vogue.
I'm obsessive about outfit coordination but after skimming the pages of my favorite mags, creating pattern contradictions are my new styling mission.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

High Tides

Myrtle Beach is the perfect place to spend my Memorial Day Weekend. Friends, Family and Fashion: all I need to soak up the sun, and the culture of the local beach goers and the vacationers alike.

The sun and sand atmosphere creates an environment that calls for easy-going attitudes and care-free lazy days.

As always, I can't help but get my daily dose of fashion by scouting the beach for Summer looks that show style and all the latest trends. 
Cassidi mix and matches her suits to switch up her look day after day. Top: Roxy. Bottom: Target.

Jordan and Chris are fans of bold, neon colors. Bikini: Victoria's Secret. Swim Trunks: Hurley.

Sergey, from Ukraine gets optimal sun on his days off.

Brittini and Brian stay cool in fedoras as they stroll down the seaside. Dress: Forever 21. Cross Body Bag: Louis Vuitton 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Smeyes For Me Baby

Tyra Banks may have coined the the term "smeyes" but she wasn't the first fashionista to turn the tables on traditional facial expressions. Since the beginning of times it's been known that much more lies beyond the surface and a good poker face can hid anything.

I've been experimenting with the closed-mouth smile and taking tips from the professionals. Smiling without smiling has never been so difficult. How do they do it??

Twiggy, Natalie Portman and the Olsen Twins are notorious for their effortless smeyesing abilities. It takes years of practice to perfect this skill but once you figure it out, you'll be smiling in ways you've never noticed before.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cut it Out

Another Summer time project: hoodie turned tank.
3 simple snips is all it took to turn an old recycled fiber linen faded sweatshirt from Ragstock into a cozy beach tank perfect for throwing atop my suit. 
How resourceful! Double reusing materials. The possibilities are endless. Maybe when I get sick of the tank I'll turn it into a crop top!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Today's Yesterday

Trends come and go and most fashions come full-circle at some point over the decades. I've learned to save some of those statement pieces in hope of them becoming "vintage" must-haves in the future.

Ladylike fashions have made it through a man's world by breaking free from suppression. The housewife look no longer comes with a 3 course dinner and a back massage. Trending feminine looks that resemble the innocent, quiet and well mannered persona of the past now stand for confidence, power and self-assurance. There's something beautiful about a woman who looks simple yet carries so much.

Fan Bingbing is the ultimate female to embody the vision of today's ladylike fashions. This multi-talented actress, singer, and style icon would have you contemplating her era of existence if it wasn't for the fiercely successful career she has established.

Today's vision of women still remains sexually contrived but the power is definitely on our side. The terms of "ladylike" have shifted and boundaries have been crossed. Take it as you choose, women are the rulers of their persona and fashions from decades past and those of the future are the tools to transform any inaccurate perception to reveal the true you. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

For the Love of Art

There isn't a better weekend than this one for the East Lansing Art Festival. When the sun's out, so are the artists. Freedom for expression, openness to art, and the care-free atmosphere of Downtown E.L. creates the perfect place for spotting stylish, trendy and fashionable individuals on the streets.

While walking in-between tents, weaving through crowds and letting myself be a part of the artist way of life, I managed to spot several individuals embracing the art fair culture as well.

Ashley in a should-less floral dress from Jeanologie with her pooch in hand.

Janelle browsing the local shops in a lace print skirt from Urban Outfitters.

John and Kyle out snapping pictures of their own and enjoying the sun.

Kaitlin staying cool in a fedora and high-waisted shorts from BCBG.

Katelyn in a sheer strapless maxi from Forever 21

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Not Quite Caribbean

Summer vacations come in many shapes and sizes. There are those families whose annual trip to the Grand Cannon peaks the top of their summer excitement. There are those who travel to their summer home in Greece, or Italy for a few months like it's just another weekend trip. I personally fall somewhere in-between; taking the family up north for a week at the lake house, having the occasional vaca to a far-off location like Mexico (if you consider that to be luxurious) but never anything too lavish or out of the ordinary.

This summer's travels are different for me in several ways. My complaints are limited seeing that I'll be getting a summer sampler in Myrtle Beach, SC for a 5 day get-a-way. I have to say that a "house-sitting and dog watching" gig at my Aunt's condo on the beach isn't too bad.

I'll be making the most of my time in the sand, sun and south seeing that Myrtle Beach is a part of the coast that I've yet to visit. As I begin to think about packing my (carry-on only) luggage, I've discovered that only the most essential and key beach must-haves will make the cut. Looking for inspiration, my dream suit case would look a little something like this.....
1. Missoni one-piece and crochet knit bikini 2. Mui Mui basket weave satchel 3. BCBG gold sunburst necklace 4. Alice and Olivia silk pleated button down 5. Topshop sleeveless cream shirt dress 
6. Topshop baby blue floral romper 7. Elizabeth and James silk shorts 8. Elizabeth and James coral flats 9. Sole Obsession wedges 10. Marc Jacobs butterfly glam sunglasses 11. Kimchi jeweled clutch

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


When life seems to be unraveling  I can't help but use knitwear as a form of fashion therapy. When things are tearing at the seems, there isn't much else I see fitting. Sweaters may be out of season, but summer knits are my way of bundling up my worries or letting my fears unravel before my eyes. Like in life, when things come undone, the solution is just a stitch away.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Garden Folly

My Mother's Day weekend was filled with everything a mother-daughter pair could have asked for,
basking in the sun for an outdoor brunch,
taking a Sunday drive along the shoreline of Lake Michigan,
exploring local roadside fruit markets and wineries,
and finishing the day with a fresh cooked dinner of homegrown garden veggies.

It's amazing the things you find when you take time to adventure, explore and enjoy life with a care-free, can-do attitude. My favorite discovery of the day was Cherry Point Market. Not only did they have an amazing selection of homemade baked goods, homegrown fruits and vegetables, but they had the most amazing stone-hedge inspired herb garden that was straight out of a picture book.

Every time I visit with my mom I'm inspired by her spirit, uplifted by her energy and guaranteed an adventure. Taking on the role of tourist for the day, this picture of my mom getting her zen on in the middle of the stone garden was the inspiration for my fresh, floral look.

Mixing pink blush toned straight-legged pant with pops of color infused by nature creates a look that is naturally beautiful. The peplum rose patterned blouse is the root of the look. By taking the bold red and touches of green from the top, you can bring your look into full bloom with a statement-making clutch and stand-out heels. Rosy cheeks with a hint of color on your lips will subtly compliment a chunky gold necklace and matching accessories. Take your look to peek season, with cat-eye sunglasses that complete your summer style.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Join the Crowd!

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I just haven't MET you Yet.

I appreciate taking risks in fashion. I give props to the women who aren't afraid to go out on a limb and wear a look that is completely nontraditional and most of the time unexplainable. Making a statement is great, especially at a place like the Metropolitan Museum Costume Gala, but I would never be as puzzled as DVF in her sparkling yellow piece (or shall I say pieces). Nor would I be tied up the way Lauren Santo Domingo was  taking a (bow) in her Oscar de la Renta gown.

While sheer, fringe, eye-catching patterns and larger than life looks may be trending, there are certain styles that will always be seen as classic, elegant and presentable for an event as distinguished and well represented at the Metropolitan Gala.

These are some of my favorite looks of the night. Their structure may be simple, but the lasting impression they've made on the red carpet speaks louder than any barely-there attempt at a respectable look.
Camilla Belle in Ralph Lauren. 

Caroline Trentini in Olivier Theysken

Jessica Stam in Dior Haute Couture 

Caroline Sieber in Christopher Kane

Say it ain't Caruso

When you step outside your normal shopping comfort zone (you know, the stores you find yourself always going back to especially when your in a pinch) you realize that there may actually be other places that peak your fashion interest.

I've recently explored the scene of Downtown Burmingham where I was delighted to discover a variety of local boutiques and clothing stores that were right up my alley. Not only do I find inspiration from new designers and brands unfamiliar to my current bank of fashion knowledge, but I use my investigator shopping skills to pin-point features within the stores themselves that I would like to incorporate into a shop of my own (at some point in the semi-near future)

Everything from the layout of the racks, to mannequins apparel, to the approachability of the sales assistants and even the aroma that fills your body and reminds you of that one special store every time you get a whiff.

Seeing is believing and the only real way to experience a stores ora is to be there, sample the clothing and get a sense of what styles are being portrayed. Caruso Caruso was one of my favorite stops on Maple Street in Burmingham's shopping district. From their wide variety of well-known and up and coming brands to their relaxed and youthful environment, I could have spent hours trying on (and holding myself back) from everything on display. Their official Facebook gives a great idea of the brands, current collections and upcoming events of sales.  Take a peak at the site for a taste, then venture downtown to get a real feel of what Caruso Caruso is all about.

All pics are from the Caruso Caruso albums on Facebook.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco De Hello!

Whether you're in Mexico or Michigan, celebrate Cinco De Mayo with the best of 'em! This celebration is less of a historical remembrance and more of a time to act, dress, and drink with the traditional Mexican culture. Make tonight's Fiesta one to remember.....(or not remember) with some authentic Mexican inspirations to create a style that is hot like salsa!

Guacamole and Chips - Cool and Creamy 

Alice and Olivia cream and olive belted jumper

Tequila Shots - Scandals and Strong
Ronny Kobo golden pleat dress

Pinata - Colorful and full of Life

Antik Batik embroidered Summer dress

Mariachi Band - Uniform and classic 

H&M white Jumpsuit

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