Monday, September 3, 2012

My Fashion Week

With New York Fashion Week literally days away, I pout in disbelief knowing that I am missing the fashionable festivities by a mere day! Starting on Sep. 6th and continuing until the 13th, I realize this after booking my flight to depart on Friday the 14th.

With optimism, I'll be tuning in, and catching all of the week's buzz from Michigan and anxiously awaiting my weekend trip back to NYC.

In the meantime, I've established a Fashion Week of my own, right here in Ann Arbor. After welcoming students back to school, I'll be hitting the streets, scouting for daily fashionistas to showcase   on H&N all week long.

That being said, whether you're attending Fashion Week or viewing it from afar (like me) plan on dressing in your most trendy attire - you never know when H&N will be out snapping photos.


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