Monday, October 15, 2012


Thank you all of my Here and Now follower, readers, and fans! Because of you, Here and Now has had extreme success! 

I'm excited to announce the launch of my latest blogging venture. The NEW website is currently under construction. Stay posted through the Here and Now Facebook page for the BIG REVEAL!

Introducing: coming soon!

Friday, October 12, 2012

From One Blogger To Another

My close friend Lisa Wang has been blogging for over a year now and her website Leopard Shoes is one close to my heart.

When I'm talking with her about clothes, shoes, or style, I always leave with info on an amazing new trend or a tip for how to pull off rockin' apparel like the unique collection Lisa has established through years of shopping experience.

One things that stands out with her look is the way she makes simple clothes stand out. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Your LBD Never Looked So Fun

Think about it: 
What color do we gravitate towards when "dressing-up"? BLACK.

And when we are going out, what is our main goal? FUN.

I've established this direct correlation: 

I was first inspired by this photograph of my grandmother. Dressed in a LBD, she is obviously having a wonderful time. This may be the simplest and most well depicted example of my point exactly.

The idea of having a good time is consistant throughout our history of party going and cocktail attire, though the LBD in itself has shifted slightly. I still consider a simple black dress with an elegant string of pearls to be the ultimate, sophisticated and stylist look (way to go grandma!) but I've also seen accepted the LBD to come in several variations. All of which are equally fabulous.

Traditional with a Twist.
Textured material or contrasting on white.
 Making Black Bright.
Using sequins, metallics and studs.
Playing with Prints.
Black as an accent to create definition.

Madewell is one of my favorites along side J Crew when dressing the classiest of women who are willing to step slightly outside the box. All of these looks can be found on 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Balmain Style - Fall Favorites

Unlike my usual basic, unexciting solid colored tops and patternless dresses, this Fall I'm welcoming a bit of diversity by incorporating embroidery, abstract patterns and detailed combinations of both colors and materials. 

One designer that I'm especially drawn to is Balmain and the Fall 2012 RTW collection. Taking lessons from the complex beading and intricate "thriller" like blazers, I've decided to embrace velvet detailed trouser and tried on a few untypical trench coats.

Topshop has special collects of this season's  most bizarre blazers. The pants, the shoes, and every thing in-between - I've picked some of my favorites inspired by Balmain and infused with my personal touch.

Velvet, Paisley, Jacquard, Suede. Combinations of these prints and textiles are beautifully collaborated. Topshop had trousers, boots, and pencil skirts that mimic the styles of those seen on the runway for Fall 2012 RTW

Studs and sequins make for superb accessories. I'm in love with this black dress, and metallic top. How can you resist a beaded jacket like this one also from Topshop? LOVE.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bright Lights. Bright Looks.

For this year's annual State Street Fashion Show, SHEI Magazine and The State Street Area Association of Ann Arbor put together an event that gave this seasons most celebrated looks center stage.

As Co-Fashion Editor of SHEI Magazine, Brittlyn Tyler and I worked closely with Creative Director, Lisa Wang, throughout the entire process of planning, organizing and putting on this FABULOUS show at the Michigan Theater.

Even our looks were in sync. With theater appropriate black and statement making color contrasts, our outfits were reflective of our own personal styles and runway-worthy attire.

See more pictures from the show on the SHEI Magazine Flickr. Models from the show wore all of this season's most popular fall looks from the local stores of Ann Arbor, MI.   

Get a look inspired by items that both Lisa and I wore to last weekends event by combining black basics and bright accessories with accent pieces.

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