Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Your LBD Never Looked So Fun

Think about it: 
What color do we gravitate towards when "dressing-up"? BLACK.

And when we are going out, what is our main goal? FUN.

I've established this direct correlation: 

I was first inspired by this photograph of my grandmother. Dressed in a LBD, she is obviously having a wonderful time. This may be the simplest and most well depicted example of my point exactly.

The idea of having a good time is consistant throughout our history of party going and cocktail attire, though the LBD in itself has shifted slightly. I still consider a simple black dress with an elegant string of pearls to be the ultimate, sophisticated and stylist look (way to go grandma!) but I've also seen accepted the LBD to come in several variations. All of which are equally fabulous.

Traditional with a Twist.
Textured material or contrasting on white.
 Making Black Bright.
Using sequins, metallics and studs.
Playing with Prints.
Black as an accent to create definition.

Madewell is one of my favorites along side J Crew when dressing the classiest of women who are willing to step slightly outside the box. All of these looks can be found on madewell.com. 


  1. Very well done!!! I'm so proud. Way to go Anna!

  2. Thanks Jean! Every women looks fabulous in the right LBD!


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